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Travelling by car from the settlement of Novyy Uojan to the town of Severobaikalsk

This road trip is for those who prefers to take an introductory one or two-day trip from Novyy Uoyan to Severobaikalsk by car.

Having arrived to Novyy Uoyan by train at 3.40 p.m after a short rest we start moving to foothills of the mountain chain for the mountain stream walk.

On the way back we have a chance to visit a picturesque village of Staryy Uoyan. It is situated on the bank of the Upper Angara river, where the Evenks- native people of the North Baikal region live.

Here, enjoying an unforgettable view of the magnificent high mountains from the bank of the Upper Angara we have lunch. In case you prefer lunch in a café we can order it in Novyy Uoyan.

In the evening we arrive to the local hotel. Rooms are pre-booked.

Next morning we leave for Severobaikalsk. On our way we make stops at any places you like, enjoying superb mountain views just up to the hot spring Dzelinda.

While travelling there on one of the enormous ’dry’ mountain streams we walk up to the stony riverbed. From here there is a breathtaking view to the part of the Upper Angara Valley. To have a teatime here is really enjoying.

Then we go down and continue our trip. In about an hour we reach the striking hot spring Dzelinda. It is just at the half point of our car trip (about 90 km).

Here we have a chance to choose from two options:

  1. The first one is to have a bath in a well-organized spring or in a wild one and then, after having lunch, continue our trip.
  2. In the other case we may be tent camping by the wild spring or settle in well- organized spring houses till morning.

Going on our trip we notice that the Upper Angara mountain chain is going lower and lower, but the view is still amazing.

Not far from the settlement of Dushkachan, another village of Evenks we may savour a fantastic view of a picturesque valley, where the two rivers- The Upper Angara and the Kitchera flow into the Sacred Baikal.

The center of the region the settlement of Nizhneangarsk is situated just at the shore of Baikal and has a remarkable monument – the Northern end of Lake Baikal. It is worth seeing.

From the settlement one can enjoy a superb view of the beautiful island Yarki. One more sightseeing, which is worth visiting is the Historical Technology Museum. It is famous for being under the open air.

From Nizhneangarsk to Severobaikalsk the ribbon of way lies close to the railway along the awesome shore of the Baikal Lake. Having chosen a two-day trip we have enough time to walk down to the lake and enjoy supper by Baikal.

In Severobaikalsk we part with you or, if you like, we may visit one more remarkable place, which is rightly considered to be one of the most attractive for visitors. It’s the Sludyanskie Lakes in the area of Boguchany, and the settlement of Baikalskoye, where a cave with drawings of ancient people is worth visiting as well. We may spend the night in a hotel or put a tent on the shore of Baikal.

It should be mentioned that food for all the meals and the necessary equipment are to be provided by the host party.

If you are interested in water and hiking routes, this trip is to be a part of a long combined route. Your wishes and suggestions are sure to be taken into account.

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