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Grayling fishing

Such kind of fishing is for about two days. The river for this fishing is still, if there are no heavy rains. The tour begins early in the morning. The things are already packed and we start our tour to the river. Having reached the place, we pump up the boat put the motors and start our way up the river. The left bank of it is a hard taiga forest with fir trees and pine trees. But the right one is high and sandy. The water here is clear and transparent. In an hour and a half we anchor up in the place we like and start fishing using artificial flies and spinners. At first there is no fish. In half an hour no fish. Then our fisherman –instructor catches a couple of graylings and then we catch five graylings more. Some fish is salted and will be ready for our evening meal. The others are for a delicious fish soup. The average length of fish is about 50 cm. In the twilight we return to our cars.

The guide is staying at the camp place, all the rest are going down the river to fish more.

If you’ve caught any fish, after discussing the ways of cooking, you may show you cooking skills in fish soup making. There is such a nice Russian tradition to add vodka a bit to make the fish soup tastier and you can enjoy your meal.

A great supper includes 100 grammes of vodka, salted fish and a fish soup and of course unforgettable fisherman stories, devoted to wonderful moments of this daytime fishing.

The fish soup is really delicious, though there were only few fish. Before going to sleep, we hope our tomorrow fishing will be more successful.

If the next morning is going to be rainy, we’ll wait for the sunshine, as fish also feels such wet weather and never bites.

If the weather is going to stay rainy, we’ll return home. Things happen.

But in most cases the weather don’t spoils our rest.