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Rafting and fishing on the rivers the Upper Angara and the Kotera

Our water route by motor boats begins on the Angara not far from Novyy Uoyan. We raft down the river Kotera while enjoying wonderful sights of both banks. Staying near the old hunting village Chencha we continue fishing and boating in small streams, rivers and harbors. It takes us for about three - four days.

On our way we sometimes meet streams and small rivers, flowing into the rivers of Angara and Katera. We may choose any place for fishing you like. Different kinds of fish are in this region. Fresh water fish is common for these places, but sometimes one can catch graylings or even taimens or lenok fish. They are in the Red Book of Russia. If you catch it, you should let it go to its natural habitat.

Three options are possible to return back:

  1. Going boating up the river Kotera to the settlement of Kumora and by car to Novyy Uoyan. The distance to it is about 70 km.
  2. Boating back to the settlement of Angoya and by car to Novyy Uoyan (60 km)
  3. Arriving to Angoya travel west by car to a hot spring Dzelinda (30 km), then to Nizhneangarsk or to Severobaikalsk, having picnics in the most splendid places

If you wish, we order a professional fisherman for you to consult.

As for mobile communication, it is not available in some places. The duration of such fishing tour should be not less than 4 days. The rout is flexible and can depend on your preferences.