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Winter recreation on the Chencha Zaimka

This type of winter vacation is suitable for those who is eager to visit severe Siberia in frosty season and to enjoy the primeval silence of the uninhabited place.

From Novii Uoyan we start our car trip to the village of Kumora that is about 70 km far.

Having arrived to Kumora we take a one-horse open sledge or a snowmobile or maybe stay in the car and through winter snowy meadows and rivers we go to Chencha for about one hour and a half.

A new-built small house is waiting for us. It is situated on the hillside above the river. A cast-iron stove, wooden beds, the toilet is out of doors, such are the living conditions. But being in the place where a person to meet is a rare thing, to enjoy the primeval silence is worth of it.

We’ll spend time exploring striking surroundings, where there are no people for miles around us, no roads and settlements. Here lives Volodya. He is an Evenk by nationality and he has the right to fish with nets (as he is the representative of a north nationality) and you’ll try to fish too. After catching your fish, you may cook a fish soup yourself.

Coming back to Novii Uoyan is by any means of transport you like (by car, bay snowmobile or by sledge)

This kind of recreation is really unforgettable.

You need not less than 4 days for such a trip.

The cell net is available, but not everywhere.