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Zaimka Chencha

At first, we should mention what the word “Zaimka” means. It is a typical Russian word to describe a tiny settlement, consisting of 3-4 houses, that are somewhere in a remote place, where few people live in the wild. It may be situated even in the deep forest or in the mountains.

Zaimka Chencha is on the bank of the Katera river on the place of the former settlement Chencha, that was destroyed in 1958, as all the settlers moved to other not so remote villages.

There are a few newbuilt houses. Zaimka nowadays is used as a facility for hunters, summer or winter fishing, for tourists to have a short rest after a long hiking or canoeing boaters.

If your desire is to relax in a pristine taiga silence far away from noisy civilization, going fishing, making short hiking tours, observing awesome surroundings or going boating on the Katera or the Upper Angara river, the most suitable place can hardly be imagined.


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