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To canyon and higher

Here you’ll feel the real power and strength of water, that from time to time comes down from the very top of cliffs and then disappears stepless, only huge stones remain after it. You’ll see narrow canyon, that was made in the cliff by water flow. The creation of waterbed canyon lasted probably not less than several centuries.

We go up further and reach an unforgettable waterfall. The taiga changes into dwarf cedar and stony slopes of mountains turn into rocky cliffs.

So we ‘ll reach the aim point of our remarkable tour- the mountain lake, that lies about 2000 meters high. Visiting of other places is available.

The duration of the hiking tour:

  • To the canyon – 2 days
  • To the canyon with visiting waterfalls - 3 days
  • To the mountain lake - 5 days (if we walk without stopping), 6 days - having rest at the lake, 7 days - having rest at the lake and at the waterfall.

The duration of this hiking tour is without days of arrivals and departure.

The cell net is available, but not everywhere.

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Day #1. Arriving to Novii Uoyan. It is probably in the afternoon. Acquaintance, placement, lunch, distribution of responsibilities, equipment and stuff among the participants, packing the bag packs. The guide is telling the group about the peculiarities of the route in details, about the safety rules.

Day #2. Early waking to have a chance to climb up the most difficult part of the path till hot sun shine. Having breakfast and drive to the mountain bottom. While crossing the dry river you can’t but admire the power of raging water, that appears here from time to time. In the evening we are at the canyon and open water is available here. Spending night here.

Day #3. Morning meal, then go around the canyon and watch it from the top. We continue our way along the mountain stream and then reach the cascade of waterfalls. We set a camp in a small valley and enjoy the awesome views.

Day #4. Continue climbing up. The dwarf cedar is becoming smaller and smaller and at last we are surrounded by mountain ranges and rocks. After climbing them we find ourselves by the mountain lake at the height of about 2000 meters. It is a nice place for the camp.

Day #5. We use this day to get acquainted with the real beauty of the place ant to take unbelievable pictures in the snow. We also may watch a mountain groundhog (the so called tarbagan).

Day #6. After having breakfast and packing bag backs, we leave the place and go down, having rests near the most picturesque places. Our target to go down from the canyon and to set a night camp.

Day #7. Continue going down. The car is waiting for us.

According to your plans, we can part or finish our tour together to other routes.

We can shorten the duration excluding the 5-th day, or make it longer, staying at the mountain lake for a long time. Climbing to the lake may be changed to climbing to the mountain stream.