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Hiking tours

Options of organizing your recreation

Hiking is rightly considered to be one of the most useful health activities. Our tours are available for people, ready to walk 6-9 km a day. As everyone knows, an average human speed is about 4-5 km per hour and a hunter is able to do over about 30 km a day of cross-country walking, carrying all his equipment, including gun.

Hiking options are:

  1. A group with one guide. In this case tourists are to take part in setting up a camp, cooking and the like. You are to carry all of your stuff and equipment by yourself. The number of females and males should be equal to carry all the necessary things.
  2. A group with two guides. Tourists are to enjoy resting and waiting for meals to be cooked for them. They are responsible for collecting woods for the camp fire and bringing water. You may help the guides, if you like. If you don’t want to carry you stuff, we’ll help you to find a porter.
  3. The group’s desire is to follow the route having only your personal things. For you we should hire people to prepare everything for you at the camp place, to guard the place and for meeting the tourists. It’s the kind of a royal recreation. You are to hike only; everything is ready for you. Come to the camp place, eat, relax, spend night, go on in the morning. In this case you have to pay 50 % of the whole price in advance.

Hiking in the mountains

These hiking tours are not about mountaineering climbs to the cliffs. It’s just about recreation of common people in the picturesque taiga forests and mountains. While climbing you’ll enjoy awesome views of breathtaking scenery of vast valleys below and unforgettable landscapes of severe ice cliffs above. If you are lucky enough to have weather changes, you’ll enjoy being among the clouds or even above them to touch the sky.