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Driving, walking and swimming 2020

A combined route along North Baikal coast and around North Baikal Region.

The town of Severobaikalsk - the settlement of Nizhneangarsk - The Yarki Island in the Baikal - a car trip from Nizhneangarsk to the settlement of Novii Uoyan (visiting a hot spring Dzelinda) - hiking tour up to the mountains to the plateau with tundra flora (the height is about 1900 meters) - climing up to the cliffs(golets) up to 2000 meters – going fishing with a fly-fishing rod - returning home.

Day #1 Arrival to Severobaikalsk by train. Accommodation in the hotel. The rest of the day is spent at your discretion. Tour organizers have already arrived in the Yarki Island to get ready for choosing a comfortable place for your camping.

Day #2 In the early morning we are leaving for Nizhneangarsk along the picturesque Baikal coast. Arriving to the northern cape of the Lake we go by motorboats to the island Yarki. Delicious dinner, cooked on the open fire, is waiting for us. In the afternoon some of us go boating or motor boating, some go fishing using a fly-fishing rod, some enjoy lying in the sun. Sunbathing on the shore of Lake Baikal is as bronze as on the coast of the Black Sea .

Day #3 Enjoying the fantastic views around. The Sun is beating down mercilessly. The woman has caught a big pike. The fisherman can only envy.

Additional information about the recreation on the Island of Yarki is here »»

Day #4 From the very morning we start packing up the camp. Just after dinner we come back to Nizhneangarsk. Having arrived and packed things and equipment into the cars, we start our way to Novii Uoyan. On half a way we visit one of the most remarkable places in our region - a hot spring Dzelinda. Having enjoyed a relaxing swimming we continue our way to the settlement of Novii Uoyan. Total distance from Severobaikalsk to Novii Uoyan is 180 kilometers.

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Day #5 The men folk go fishing with fly-fishing rods, while women folk decide to remain home and get ready to the mountain climbing.

Day#6 Next morning after breakfast we start our car trip to the foot of the mountains along the taiga road through the pine forest, then through the larch forest with cedar trees here and there. Near the mountain stream beating up from the stones we have a lunch break. Then continue our way and before the sunset we reach one more stream. The view of the primeval taiga forest is breathtaking. Here is a suitable place for overnight stay. There is no further path yet.

Day #7 After hearty breakfast we continue our climbing through the cedar forest. It’s a bit harder than the previous day. Reaching the plateau with the tundra vegetation . fill in bottles with fresh water and go on climbing. Soon we are at the camp place. Below us we can enjoy a splendid view of the Verkhneangarskaya valley, just behind it there are cliffs of the Severomuyskiy mountain range and the Verkhneangarskiy mountain range. We cook lunch and set the table. After it we go to sleep. The day was exciting but rather tiring.

Day #8 In the morning after having breakfast we are planning to take some food and go to watch a small glacier , but then decided to wait for dinner and start our way after it. At midday we go through the tundra plateau and climb up to the bottom of the cliffs. And here there is a surprise for us. Despite of a very hot summer, we see great caps of snow everywhere. Such a great delight! The process of taking pictures was unforgettable. Enjoying picturesque views we play snowballs and make a snowman. Then we return down to our camp and have a rest.

In the twilight we have supper by the fire, savoring terrific landscapes.

Day #9 It has been raining since early morning. We are staying in tents waiting for its stopping. In the afternoon we have a meal and after packing things go down to the car only once having a snack. The way back is through the huge stones covered by reindeer moss. Then the path is familiar and with the help of sticks we reach the car. While walking we enjoy heavenly endless skyway and clouds below and above us. We are lucky not having rain.

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Day #10 The women folk stay in the settlement of Novii Uoyan while the men folk go fishing by motor boats up to the Verhnyaya Angara river. They are so lucky to catch pikes with the help of fly-fishing rods. Sorry to say the biggest pike is off the hook/ it’s about 7 kilogram.

The Professional fisherman Alex is telling us about the peculiarities of fishing pikes

Day #11 Our guests take the train to Bratsk, then go to Moscow by plane. They are full of unforgettable memories and incredible impressions. They are dreaming of coming back to have more awesome days.

Guide’s comments

In general the recreation was successful. The rest schedule was not interfered by rain or somebody’s illnesses. We are probably to give more time for hot spring swimming. Fishing would better be planned for day-and-night time. It would save time for going to the river and coming back. But thanks to this, fishermen visited to different places to fish. Hiking clothes was rather suitable, but next time we would better use waterproof packets for carrying clothes.

Shoes for climbing up should be stronger not to waste time for repairing it while hiking. The group for climbing up consisted of a young couple, a teen girl and a guide. So the group should be : several couples of adults and a guide. Maybe children, but not little. Other variants of groups and their servicing please look in the beginning of the section “Hiking tours”

Backpacks had only the necessary things: food, clothes.

In case of problems during this hiking tour a car is easy to phone as the mobile net is available.

This is the only mountain route with a good mobile net and a comfortable path to go down without any difficulties. The weight of the girl’s backpack was about 6 kilograms. It was not a problem for her. The woman’s backpack was about 11 kilograms. The men had to help her.

So if you haven’t done physical exercises regularly, you’d better start doing it to keep fit before hiking tour to the mountains.

See you. Vasilych.