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To the taiga river

This hiking tour will probably be interesting for different people. Those who like to take pictures, can find it wonderful to make photos of awesome landscapes and picturesque views. If you are fond of fishing, you’ll have a chance to catch a taimen on a spinning fishing rod. The lovers of extreme hiking will go deep to the forest and with the help of an experienced guide spend unforgettable time by the forest fire, even without a tent.

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Arriving to Novii Uoyan. It is probably in the afternoon. Acquaintance, placement, lunch, distribution of responsibilities, equipment and stuff among the participants, packing the bag packs. The guide is telling the group about the peculiarities of the route in details and the safety rules. After early awaking we start our driving to the forest path. Hiking tour takes us for about two hours. Wellingtons (rubber boots) will help us to keep warm and dry. Having reached the river cross it by boat and soon we are at camp place.

In case of offering an additional guide, the dinner is already cooked and everything is ready for your rest. After lunch you will enjoy yourself, taking pictures of splendid sights or fishing on a spinning fishing rod. You can go boating or make a hiking tour, observing the surroundings. The guide is ready to conduct a master-class for you to teach how to survive in the taiga forest and to set a camp with improvised means. Lunch is cooked out of the fish you’ve caught in a fish soup and fish on the horn (it’s a small stick, that you put inside the fish and turn the fish over above an open fire)

The suitable duration of this kind of recreation is about 3 days.

The cell net is available, but not everywhere.