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To the tundra and cliffs (mountain goltsy)

Goltsy is the upper part (top) of severe mountains with no vegetation, cover only with stones, snow and ice even in summer. It’s not the only sightseeing of this route. Another one and not less picturesque is the plateau with the rare tundra vegetation at the bottom of goltsy. Tundra vegetation consists of dwarf plants and moss, generally reindeer moss. This part of our region is the only place to copy the nature zone of the Far North.

This route is the most predictable and easy among all the offering routes. It’s available even for the teenagers.

Climbing through the taiga forest alongside the mountain stream up to the height of about 1500 meters ahead the clean forest path to the camp place with spending night in the mountain decay. Next morning, we go up to the height of about 1900 meters and make a camp to have an unforgettable chance to watch the incredible view of the valley lying below, to visit the circus, where out of the little ice the stream appears. Or you may even achieve the small top. Going down may be along another mountain decay. The duration of this tour is about 4-5 days.

The shorter option is not to stay over night in the mountains, but climb up to have lunch and enjoy the tundra landscape then go down and to have night to the bottom of the mountains. Three days will be enough but it considers fewer impressions.

The cell net is mire or less available.

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Day #1. Arriving to Novii Uoyan. It is probably in the afternoon. Acquaintance, placement, lunch, distribution of responsibilities, equipment and stuff among the participants, packing the bag packs. The guide is telling the group about the peculiarities of the route in details, about the safety rules.

Day #2. Early waking to have a chance to climb up the most difficult part of the path till hot sun shine. Having breakfast and drive to the mountain bottom. After crossing the dry river begin climbing through the pine tree forest, then steep climb for half an hour. Then till afternoon we go hiking. Reaching the mountain stream, going out of stones we make campfire and have lunch and rest a bit. Further climbing is a little steep, and tiring. We go alongside the mountain decay next to the loud underground river. That goes up in some stony places. But it’s hard to take water. Our aim is to come to the place where the clear fresh water is available. Having arrived to the place, set a camp and make a forest fire dinner. A pine tree forest changed into a dwarf cedar forest around us.

Day #3. Morning meal, packing bag packs and climbing up through the cedar dwarf forest. This day’s target is to reach the plateau, where the available water is and to set a camp. Having arrived to the place (about 1900 meters high). We make dinner and after it everyone enjoys oneself, observing the unique landscape of the valley below and mountains of the Severomuyskiy ranges behind it.

Day #4. After having breakfast and packing bag backs, we leave the place till evening. We’ve got two options:

  1. Climb up to the top of the icy goltsy, where the mountain stream begins. The height is about 2000 meters. There is no vegetation here at all.
  2. This option is not simple. Climbing up along the stony side of the goltsy mountain. We ‘ll stop our climbing at any time, if you fill it’s rather hard. To make both climbing is also possible.

Day #5(6). Going down can be done in several ways:

  1. After strong breakfast without any rush we go down to the cars.
  2. After breakfast we go down till we reach the stream going to the surface of land. We stay here and have a rest, make fire tea and then continue our trip to the car.
  3. Going down to the dry river along the other mountain decay.
  4. All the options are up to you.